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Financial highlights and results
Our Group in brief
Consolidated segmental analysis
Performance at a glance
External appraisals
Global footprint
Chairman’s statement
Chief executive’s report
Financial director’s report
Review of operations
Summarised sustainability report
Corporate governance
Financial statements
Management directory
Shareholders’ diary
AGM notice and proxy
Executive | Non-executive | Independent non-executive | Committees
Group executive committee
B Joffe (chairman), FJ Barnes, BL Berson, MC Berzack, DE Cleasby, AW Dawe, SG Pretorius, LP Ralphs
South African executive committee
B Joffe (chairman), MC Berzack, NW Birch, DE Cleasby, AW Dawe, LI Jacobs, L Madikizela, SG Mahlalela, P Nyman, SG Pretorius, LP Ralphs, AC Salomon, SA Thwala
Audit committee
NG Payne (chairman), DDB Band, DE Cleasby, RW Graham, D Masson, P Nyman, JL Pamensky, AC Salomon
Risk committee
NG Payne (chairman), MC Berzack, NW Birch, DE Cleasby, AW Dawe, B Joffe, D Masson, P Nyman, SG Pretorius, LP Ralphs, AC Salomon
Remuneration committee
DDB Band (chairman), DE Cleasby, D Masson, P Nyman, JL Pamensky
Acquisition committee
DDB Band (chairman), MC Berzack, DE Cleasby, B Joffe, D Masson, JL Pamensky, LP Ralphs
Nomination committee
DDB Band (chairman), B Joffe, JL Pamensky, MC Ramaphosa, T Slabbert
Transformation committee
LI Jacobs (chairman), MC Berzack, NW Birch, AW Dawe, MJ Finger, B Joffe, SG Mahlalela, SG Pretorius, LP Ralphs, T Slabbert, SA Thwala, FDP Tlakula
  Board composition Number %  
  Male 18 78,3  
  Female 5 21,7  
  Total 23 100,0  
  White 17 73,9  
  Black 6 26,1  
  Total 23 100,0  
  Local 21 91,3  
  Foreign 2 8,7  
  Total 23 100,0  
  Executive 11 47,8  
  Non-executive 6 26,1  
  Independent non-executive 6 26,1  
  Total 23 100,0