The Bidvest Group

Sustainability Governance


Bidvest embraces corporate governance as a way of life rather than a set of rules. Stakeholders can only derive full, sustained value from a business founded on honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency. Bidvest values simplicity. Improved focus makes it easier to manage our businesses, which is fundamental for transparency and good governance.

An appropriate structure that captures the talent and the energy needed for continued growth without becoming unwieldy. This is the rationale behind the Bidvest Group structure consisting of seven operating divisions, Bidvest Namibia and Bidvest Properties.

Divisional leadership consists of a chief executive and finance director tasked with guiding and directing each operating business within that division. At divisional level, internal audit and risk management structures exist to support the divisional leadership team. The functions of risk and audit are therefore fully entrenched in the businesses and dealt with on a quarterly basis, as part of the agenda, in every executive and board committee meeting. All divisions report into the Group structure to ensure appropriate information and ultimate accountability is brought to the Bidvest board of directors.

Bidvest’s entrepreneurial culture has been the driving force that has fostered growth in a variety of sectors, creating the Bidvest Group as we know it today. Bidvest believes in empowering people, building relationships and improving lives. Entrepreneurship, incentivisation, decentralised management and communication are key to delivering excellence and innovation in all our business interactions.


Decentralised strategy
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JSE Listings Requirements
Decentralised strategy
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